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Hello there, i will give you step by step how to Install Mods on Dota 2 Reborn using Shady Install.

Follow below here with new tools.

How to Install Mod on Dota 2 :

1) Download Tool Mods

2) For installing the mods you can avoid the folder "Valve Resource Viewer" even delete it if you want

3) After download the mod/mods you want drop the files (models/materials/particles/ecx..) inside the folder "pak01_dir"

4) Run "Create vpk-archive from pak01_dir folder.bat". It will create a VPK with inside the files of the mods

5) Copy or cut the "pak01_dir.vpk" and navigate to where you installed Dota 2 (..\Steam\steamapps\common\dota2 beta\game\)

6) Create a folder and name it as you wish, i recommend simple names, let's use "mods" for the sake of this tutorial

7) Paste inside the "mods" folder (that you just created) the file "pak01_dir.vpk" capied before

8) Now go back and open the folder "dota" (..\Steam\steamapps\common\dota2 beta\game\dota\)

9) Find a file called "" and edit it with a text editor (doesn't matter which one but i recommend Notepad++)

10) Add 3 lines:

-Before "Game_Language dota_*LANGUAGE*" add "Game mods" (if your folder created before is named "mods". change the name of the string if you called with another name)

-Before "Game_LowViolence dota_lv" add "Game mods" (same as before)

-Before "Mod dota" add "Mod mods" (same as before)

11) Save it and enjoy playing with mods!

Link Download :

Mega - Download

Credit : Shady Mod

If you have any problem, comment here or you can join community on dota2shadymod to ask or request mod.
good luck have fun...:)

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